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The Final Dst index is published yearly in IAGA Bulletin No.32 series, under the title 'GEOMAGNETIC DATA IAGA INDICES: aa, am, Kp, Dst, AE, rapid variations.' publised for the International Council of Scientific Unions with the financial assistance of Unesco through the mediation of the Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical data analyses Centers. The books are published by 'ISGI Publications Office, 4 Aveneue de Neptune F-94107 Saint Maur des Fosse Cedex, France.'

Final Dst index is a free data set, and you may download the final Dst index and use them in your analyses free. However, you are requested to acknowledge 'WDC-C2 Kyoto Dst index service, Dst stations and the persons who derive the index' or make reference to the IAGA Bulletin No32 in your paper.

As of 1998, Dst stations for final Dst index are: Hermanus: South Africa, Kakoka: Japan, Honolulu: USA, San Juan: USA'. There are other many stations used to calibrate the index. As of 1999, Dst index is derived by M. Sugiura and T. Kamei.

You can download Dst index in 120Byte/day ASCII format either in ZIP a compressed image (approx. 10Kbyte/year), or in a plain text image (approx. 44Kbyte/year), the latter may not be downloaded to a file and may be shown on your display instead.

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