Selection of working database file
   +--- LOOK 1 STATION
             Display and correct data of one selected
             station (remove spikes, fill gaps)
   +--- VIEW DATA
             Display up to 10 plots of selected
             stations and components
   +--- TYPE DATA
             Type 1-minute data and other information
             from database
          +- SUBSTRACT
                 Subtract linear drift, change level
          +- ROTATE
                 Coordinate transformation
          +- MULTIPLY
                 Multiply by constant
          +- TIME SHIFT
                  Shift data in time
          +- INIT DATABASE
                 Create new database file
          +- RECORD DATA
                 Record data of one station to database
          +- ADD NEW STATION
                 Include new stations (without real data)
          +- EXTRACT
                 Extract interval/stations to smaller base
          +- COMBINE
                 Combine two database in one common
          +- QUIT
                  Exit to previous menu
   +--- DRAW DATA
             Plot up to 10 plots on plotter
   +--- MAG_WDC
            Convert binary MAG <-> ASCII WDC formats
          +- WDC_f-MAG
                 WDC (1440 char/record) to binary MAG
          +- MAG-WDC_f
                 Binary MAG to WDC (1440 char/record)
          +- WDC_A-MAG
                 WDC (400 char/record) to binary MAG
          +- MAG-WDC_A
                 Binary MAG to WDC (400 char/record)
          +- QUIT
                  Exit to previous menu
   +--- QUIT
             Finish work and quit MAG
   +--- EXIT TO DOS
             Exit to DOS, return back to MAG enter Exit
   +--- EXPORT
             Selection of data set to ASCII string files
   +--- FILTER
             Data filtering (high, low, bypass filters)
              Selection of data subset and execution
              of user program with selected data

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