Oulu logo Downloading the TextBook

spaceweb@oulu.fi - last update: 1 June 1999, 1030 UT (RR)

We try to keep an (almost) updated gzipped tar file (textbook.tar.gz or textbook.tgz) of the TextBook content in our server for convenient downloading (remember the terms of our copyright!):

If you are using a PC, the easiest way to unpack the file is to use the latest WinZip versions. Also separate gzip/gunzip and tar programs are available.

Mac users may find gzip and tar utilities in ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/mac/info-mac/ or any other info Mac site (look for directories about compression). Check the 00cmp-abstracts.txt at the beginning of the list for more info. For example, mac-gzip-10.hqx helps with the unzipping. Look programs with 'tar' in their name, also. Note also that Stuffit program can be enhanced to get it read also gzip files!