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  • Russian-British Digital Libraries Workshop


    Electronic Libraries and Data Bases on the Solar-Terrestrial Physics in the Russian Sector of Internet

    A.N. Zaitzev, V.G. Petrov, V.I. Odintsov (Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

    Data bases (DB) and information systems (IS) in the Solar-Terrestrial Physics (STP) have been under development during many years in the following directions:

    • standard data of magnetic and ionospheric observatories collected in the World Data Centers;
    • experimental data of the coordinated projects in the framework of International STP studies, including the satellite experiments;
    • information and search systems, including reference models of space environment and real-time data;
    • libraries of computer software such as standard routines to process data, to calculate key parameters of space, etc.

    In this report we present information on the directions mentioned above, developed in IZMIRAN and similar institutes. Now we collect the magnetic observatory variational data for the period of 1991-1998 in 1-min binary format and save them on the CD-ROM. Other samples to handle and to archive data on a CD-ROM are listed. It is shown that growth of Russian language content in Internet lead to the necessity to establish a digital library and to develop its infrastructure: catalogues, search systems, directories and information systems, procedures to access collected data. A real-time monitoring system of the geomagnetic field and other geophysical parameters in Moscow observatory is installed on the site http://helios.izmiran.troitsk.ru/cosray and might be considered as an element of a digital library. The proposal to create a digital library keeping data of Russian magnetic observatories and being compatible with data bases and information systems throughout the world and particularly with the INTERMAGNET system in Edinburgh, UK is considered. As a summary, possible ways of developing STP digital libraries in the Russian sector of Internet are considered. The establishment of digital libraries will allow to solve next problems:

    • maintenance and support of direct, operative, open access to the STP data;
    • providing professional knowledge on the STP for students, educators, call-end-users and researches in other disciplines;
    • stimulation and fulfillment of public awareness toward Sun-Earth connection and data on outer space.

    The work is partially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, grant 98-07-90278.