Тезисы доклада на конференции IUGG99 (18 - 30 July 1999, Birmingham UK), Section JWS33:
New Approaches to Data Collection, Data Processing and Data Dissemination


Alexander Zaitzev and Vladimir Odintsov

(both at Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, Troitsk, Moscow Region, 142092, RUSSIA, e-mail: zaitzev@izmiran.rssi.ru)

Despite the general problems of the Russian science, the network of the magnetic observatories of Russia and CIS are still operated. As a rule, all observatories have own hardware and software systems and store an original records on sites which are inaccessible to a wide range of users. We propose to convert the all variational data of magnetic observatories in 1-min binary format and to save it on an optical disk (CD-ROM). In addition of data base production we propose to create the information system for automated data processing. The final CD-ROM we plan to install on Web server to organize a data access via INTERNET . It will allow the broad usage of the magnetic observatories data in the scientific and applied research programs.

At the first stage for accommodation on CD-ROM we collect the results of the Moscow observatory data in the form of standard tables of hourly values and 1-min. variational data for period 1991-1998. The variational data was received on experimental digital station CMVS-6. The current observations in the form of variational data are displayed on site: http://www.izmiran.rssi.ru/magnetism/mos_data.htm. Beside Moscow data we have a regular 1-min. variational data from expedition site Cape Kamenny (Yamal peninsula), for Jan. 1991 - Sep. 1998, and Cape Schmidt (Chukotka region) observatory for 1995-1997. We call of all our colleagues on Russian magnetic observatories to help us collect the digital data which might be available for period 1991 and onwards. In the final stage of the project we plan to make enough CD-ROM copies to supply of all scientists interested in Russian magnetic observatories data for period of 1991-1998. The work is supported by Russian Fund of Fundamental Researches Grant 98-07-90278.