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--You can link here to copy the entire "Exploration" package as a TARed and GZIPed file (about 5 Mb), to install on your own computer, for convenient quick access.

--A special section on "Exploration as a Classroom Resource" is provided here for teachers and educators

--For a folding 3-dimensional paper model of the magnetosphere, link here

--A file of Questions and Answers featuring selected questions by users.

--The text of a talk on the concepts and ideas underlying "Exploration."

--"The Birth of a Radiation Belt" an article about the violent consequences of the arrival at Earth of an interplanetary shock wave from the Sun, on 24 March 1991.

--"Brief History of Magnetospheric Physics during the Space Age" a somewhat more technical review (Reviews of Geophysics, 34, p. 1-31, 1996) which includes an extensive bibliography.

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