The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere

     Illustration by K. Endo. © Nikkei Science Inc.

News!   As of October 1998, "Exploration" has a sister site From Stargazers to Starships, an educational exposition of elementary astronomy, Newtonian mechanics and spaceflight (each part can be read independently). Look it up--your comments would be appreciated!
More news!   As of 1999, we have added an expanded, extensively linked glossary , as well as both a basic and an annotated chronology, the latter placing the main developments of magnetospheric physics in the context of history.
  "The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere" files are available as a TARed and GZIPed file via anonymous FTP


This is the home page of an overview of space research on the Earth's environment in space. The description is non-mathematical but quite detailed, and here is what it contains:




For a quick rundown of what these files cover, look up the Overview file. Or else, start wherever your interest lies!

And by the way... In May '98 Exploration of the Magnetosphere was picked as one of Ten Cool Sites by the Exploratorium in San Francisco. It is a site worth visiting and lists many other interesting links.
  "Exploration" was also recommended by "Web Watch" in the January 1999 issue of Physics Today (page 63).

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